Camp Verde Bugle: Meet Congressional Dist. 1 candidate Wendy Rogers

Camp Verde Bugle – 7/16/2016

Lt Col (ret.) Wendy Rogers

Age: 61

Years in Arizona: Lived in Arizona for 19 years

Occupation: Business owner of HouseMaster Home Inspections

Education: B.A., Clinical Social Work, Michigan State University; M.S.W., Master in Social Work, University of Alabama; M.A., National Security Studies, California State San Bernardino

Elective and Advisory Experience: Precinct Committeewoman (Precinct 6, LD 6, Coconino County)

Civic Affiliations: United States Air Force retired lieutenant colonel, NRA member, Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue team member – AZ Ground Team and air component, Veterans of Foreign Wars lifetime member, American Legion lifetime member, State of Arizona licensed real estate agent, State of Arizona licensed teacher, State of Arizona Concealed Carry Permit holder

Question 1: Federal law that created Arizona and gave it 10 million acres of federal land to support schools, college and universities requires they “shall forever remain under the exclusive control” of the state. Do you believe that the passing of Proposition 123 is in the spirit of that law? Please explain.

Answer: I believe that those who crafted our state constitution understood and appreciated the fundamental principle of self-governance and the importance of the people having a say in the laws that govern them. That is why one such recourse afforded to the voters of Arizona is the initiative and referendum process. Whether one agrees or disagrees with amendment efforts on any number of topics does not change that fact.

Question 2: From terrorism, to tolerance, and the second amendment, the recent tragedy in Orlando hit on several sensitive issues we face each day. Which concerns do your constituents regularly bring to you – and what are you able to say to them?

Answer: The threat of radical Islamic terrorism has made national security a top concern for Arizonans. We are a nation at war and people are concerned for their safety and the safety of their families. They want to know that their elected officials have the courage and will to take on the challenges and threats we face to defeat them. As a career military veteran, I understand what our armed forces need to keep us safe from these threats.

Question 3: To some people, the Affordable Healthcare Act is far from affordable. Despite that, there are those who say it is necessary, and that the bugs will eventually be worked out. What do you think is the solution, for your communities, the state and for the country?

Answer: As a licensed social worker specializing in mental health, I know firsthand the devastating impact that Obamacare has had on our healthcare system, as it has failed to serve the very people so many career politicians at the time claimed it would help. I am not alone in my assessment of this failed law. Faced with higher premiums, deductibles, and cuts to Medicare – families, small businesses and seniors are struggling with their rising health costs. As the federal government’s role in our private health care decisions grows, more and more healthcare professionals are departing the system because they find it increasingly difficult to treat their patients and provide the quality care they deserve.

Unlike Ann Kirkpatrick, I support an effort in the US House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare to replace it with a proposed plan called A Better Way. A Better Way will be a step-by-step plan that will enable all to access quality and affordable health care for themselves and their families.

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