Felicia French was interviewed live on air by KMOG Radio / AM1420 for their show, “Rim Country Forum.” During the interview, French made clear she supported a billion-dollar tax hike proposal and opposed funding for public charter schools. The following are audio clips from that interview:

Audio Clip #1: Felicia French Supports Billion-Dollar Tax Hike Proposal

Quote: “I’ll give a plug in for Invest In Ed, and that’s all going to be on the ballot this year.┬áIt’s only taxing people, individuals who make over 250,000 and couples who make over 500,000, their taxes will only be increased up after that. And at 3.5%.”

What Felicia French really means is that she supports a billion dollar tax hike on Arizona families, disguised as a funding package for schools. Analysis of the proposal determined that it would “wreak economic harm on all Arizonans.”

Audio Clip #2: Felicia French Opposes Funding for Public Charter Schools

Quote: “However, speaking those vouchers, that is something where you are robbing Peter to pay Paul often, taking away money from our public education to fund private schools is something we need to look at where the money and accountability of that money is. And it’s not often accountable. We don’t know – they don’t have the same oversight, as public schools have. So it’s important that we see our first priority is funding public education, no matter where a child lives and whether the zip code, that every child in Arizona gets a quality education.”

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