America First State Senator Wendy Rogers Releases Current List of Her Endorsed Candidates

Trump-endorsed Arizona Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers released a list of candidates she has endorsed. As you can see below, she has endorsed candidates running for all sorts of seats, from those running for state senate to those running for congress. 

“I endorse Senator Doug Mastriano for governor of Pennsylvania. He is the only one who stood up to fight for forensic audits and was one of the few to oppose medical tyranny. He stood alone with courage time and time again.”

“I endorse Rep. Anthony Sabatini for Congress in Florida. He is the ONLY one who has stood with the grassroots time & time again & is the ONLY one who has called for a forensic audit among his colleagues in both the Florida House and Florida Senate.”

“I endorse Kari Lake for governor of Arizona. I sent her a list of bills I proposed that will help secure our border, crack down on Antifa, restore our elections, cut taxes, protect our guns, take care of our veterans, protect our history, & protect life.”


Rogers’ website reads, “AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers gives her full endorsement to these America First, pro-Trump, pro-Audit candidates”. Some high-profile candidates she has endorsed are Kari Lake, Mo Brooks, Joe Kent, among others.

Over 20 candidates have received the Rogers endorsement as the GOP primaries roll around for the 2022 midterms. Many of these candidates look to successfully primary “RINOs” in office like Trump-endorsed Kari Lake, who is running for Governor of Arizona to replace Doug Doucy (R) who is known to be anti-Trump.

While the Trump endorsement has the most weight in any GOP primary, Wendy Rogers, a staunch supporter and ally to the former president, has been rising in ranks in the GOP. Her boldness and effectiveness in the Arizona legislature have made her a beloved figure among the Trump base.

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