Wendy Rogers on the Issues

  • Support Law Enforcement and Fight Crime
    I support our law enforcement and will never allow them to be defunded. I support more officers, better equipment and getting our law enforcement everything they need to keep us safe and fight crime. They put their lives on the line daily and they need our support and respect.
  • Protecting Our Forests And Water
    I support clean water and protecting our forests. I support an increased budget for forest and water management as well as stiffer penalties for those who litter and commit arson in our forests.
  • More Jobs And Better Wages
    I support heavily recruiting companies to come to rural Arizona to create jobs. We must protect the free market, keep regulations low, and keep taxes low. I support any and all ways to allow businesses to conduct commerce in Arizona. We must unleash the free market!
  • Better Healthcare
    I support pre-existing conditions. We need to lower the cost of prescription drugs, provide transparent medical billing, and more healthcare options for our citizens. The time for better healthcare solutions is now.
  • Take Care Of Our Veterans
    As a veteran, I understand that Arizona needs to do more to take care of our great veterans. They put their lives on the line for us, we need to help take care of them and their families. I will strive to find new ways to help veterans.
  • Protect Social Security and Caring for Seniors
    While this is a federal program, as your state senator I will be a strong advocate for ensuring seniors get paid what is owed to them. Social Security is something that many seniors depend on and I will be very vocal in ensuring it is protected.
  • Better Education
    I support more money for the classroom. We must empower parents, teachers, and local school districts to teach our children. Money must go to the classroom rather than administration, reduce class sizes, recruit better teachers, and promote private, charter, and homeschool options when at all possible.
  • Securing Our Borders
    Defend our borders and sovereignty by putting Arizonans and Americans first. Immigrants are welcome, as long as they come legally. We have a major crisis at the border and I will work to address this problem every day I am in office. We must ban sanctuary cities to give our people a safe and secure place to work, live, and prosper.
  • Election Integrity
    The Arizona Audit exposed widespread irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election that exceeded the difference in votes. We need to secure our elections, including by returning to paper ballots, cleaning the voter rolls, and banning ballot drop boxes.
  • Protect Our Right To Keep And Bear Arms
    Arizona must lead the way in defending our right to keep and bear arms. I will vote against any gun control measure or gun ban. We need more guns, fewer gun-free zones, and stronger protections for gun owners.
  • Stop Medical Tyranny
    I strongly support patients’ rights. It’s time to get rid of the “vaccine passports”, abolish mask and vaccine mandates, and open up Arizona – including sending our kids back to school.
  • Protect Life
    I support all laws that protect life in the womb. I believe in life at conception and I believe our laws should protect all living souls, including those who are the most vulnerable in the womb.
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