Ariz. Sen. Rogers: Audit Results Are Real And Coming Up, Urges All States To Audit 2020 Elections

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) has called for an audit of the 2020 elections in all states ahead of upcoming results of the Arizona audit. In a series of tweets on Sunday, Rogers said the results of the Arizona audit would soon be released, despite recent delays.

Rogers stressed state legislators could not speed up the process, but the results would be “real.” She also urged all states to audit their 2020 elections in order to prevent fraud moving forward.

“When the Arizona audit drops, it is on the other 49 states to make sure they are doing audits. Start calling your reps and senators now,” she expressed on Twitter. “…We are not going to stop until we know the truth.”

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(The Freedom Times) AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers Ensures ‘The Audit Is Coming’, Signals ‘Other Information Is Coming Out’

“Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers issued a statement on Sunday ensuring the results of the Maricopa County forensic audit are on the way. She also signaled ‘other information is coming out,’ but can’t yet disclose it. ‘The audit is coming guys, I promise you,’ Rogers tweeted. ‘I get a lot of comments asking and people think I can speed it up but I can’t speed it up. It is a process and it is coming,’ wrote Sen. Rogers.”

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(The Gateway Pundit) AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “The Audit Is Coming Guys, I Promise You… This Is Real. Keep The Faith

“Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers shared a message assuring the Country that the Arizona audit report is coming. The audit report has been delayed all this time by enemies of the audit. Now members of the team are still recovering from COVID-19. Once all team members are healthy and able to focus on the task, they will finish the report and it will be presented to the public.”

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