(AUDIO) Arizona Senate President Karen Fann: AZ Attorney General Brnovich – “He Has Opened Up A Formal Investigation. He’s Gonna Hold People Accountable For Breaking The Law”

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann was on ‘The Conservative Circus with James T. Harris on Tuesday to discuss the Arizona audit, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s investigation, and the coming changes to election law in Arizona.

All evidence presented last month from the Arizona audit, as well as more witness testimony and evidence of law violations has been given to the Arizona Attorney General to further investigate and enforce the rule of law.

Senate President Karen Fann stated that AG Brnovich has already opened up his formal criminal investigation and he is continuing to seek information.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Brnovich began his investigation with letters to Maricopa Countyand the Arizona Secretary of State requesting preservation of evidence and voter registration logs.

Fann says that he is not only seeking the auditors’ information but he is digging deeper. She tells us that Brnovich is “gonna hold people accountable for breaking the law.”

It appears that Brnovich is waiting for the routers and Splunk logs to be examined. Fann and her caucus will meet this week to begin drafting new legislation to secure elections before the 2022 legislative session.

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