AZ Lawmakers ‘Held Hostage’ as Thousands of Pro-Abortion Radicals Tried to Breach State Senate

Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) praised the swift action of law enforcement this weekend after police used tear gas to break up a mob of pro-abortion protestors at the state’s Senate building.

Thousands of demonstrators descended upon the building in Phoenix late Friday night as lawmakers were working on passing a series of bills, according to a statement released by Sen. Rogers.

“Last night, anti-life radicals converged on the Arizona Senate and attempted to disrupt our work with terror and violence. They repeatedly attempted to breach the perimeter and enter the building but law enforcement bravely stood their ground and saved the day,” the statement reads.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said the riot “brought an estimated 7,000 to 8,000 people” to the Senate building. “What began as a peaceful protest evolved into anarchical and criminal actions by masses of splinter groups,” AZDPS stated.

Videos posted on social media show the hysterical crowd trying to enter the building by breaking windows and pushing down doors. Many protesters were chanting, “my body, my choice.” 

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