AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers Issues A Statement Amid The Upcoming Release Of The Audit Report

Earlier this week, Senate President Karen Fann had tweeted in response to rumors that an audit report was underway, saying, “Confirming audit companies are preparing the draft report to present to the senate team. Senate team will then review for accuracy and clarity for final report which will be released publicly.”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) on Saturday also weighed in and issued a statement, reassuring Americans that “the draft report should be finished this coming week”– as informed “directly” by Senate President Fann.

In a statement, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers said:

Got this directly from [Arizona State Senator President Karen Fann]:

The draft report should be finished this coming week. Then the AZ Senate’s specialized legal team will comb through it. This team includes the auditor, Senate president, Senate Judiciary chair, attorneys, and key Senate staff.

They will verify the draft for accuracy, proof of documentation, and clarity. The AZ Senate will only issue a report that can be proven and is void of possible misinterpretation. 

Once these specialized Senate experts fully examine this report, the auditors will then prepare the final report, which will be presented to AZ Senate Judiciary Committee and the public.

During an interview earlier in the month on “The Wide Angle” with Brandon Fallon, Senate President Karen Fann warned of Maricopa County forensic audit, “If there was something that was done inappropriately, if it was done criminally, I’m gonna turn it over to the attorney general’s office. We have a department there, a division that deals with election integrity.”

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