AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “Arizona’s 2020 Forensic Election Senate Audit, What You Haven’t Heard, And Much, Much More!”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers released a thorough analysis of the Arizona 2020 election audit written by an anonymous author. 

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the Arizona audit and the author used one of our articles as a source.

The full forensic audit conducted a hand count of 2.1 million ballots, photographic imaging and an additional count of each ballot, ballot paper analysis, early voting ballot analysis, mail-in envelope signature analysis, analysis of the elections management server, chain of custody analysis, and a final count of the paper ballots using a machine for accuracy. Every phase of this process was live-streamed and the ballots were protected at all times with armed security.

This was the most transparent and secure process in auditing history. The audit is still not complete as we wait for more wireless systems(Splunk logs, routers) to be audited.Audit spokesman Randy Pullen said that the Senate, in conjunction with Maricopa County, is still selecting a network engineer to assist with the audit.

The Gateway Pundit reported that disregarding these vast, election-changing discrepancies, Liz Harris’ independent canvassing report revealed nearly 300,000 lost or fabricated votes were discovered.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers released this review of the 2020 election audit on her website.

The data shows that the full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s election was not just a paper recount. 

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