AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers TWO WEEKS LATER: “I Am About To Go SCORCHED EARTH If I Don’t See Progress From The Arizona AG SOON.”

It has now been two weeks since the Arizona audit presentation exposed massive amounts of fraud and elections law violations. The unredacted, uncensored audit report and all evidence of criminality have been delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Since this delivery was made, Brnovich has issued a litigation hold notice on the County. However, we have still seen no real action out of Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Today, Wendy Rogers tweeted, “Everyone is asking what is going on with the AG in Arizona. I have no idea. I will work on finding out but no news in this business is bad news.” OANN Correspondent Christina Bobb responded, “He’s a coward and a flake. AG Brnovich is betraying Arizona voters.”

Later Rogers again tweeted about the AG, “I am about to go scorched earth if I don’t see progress from the Arizona AG soon.”

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