Important Information on Religious Exemptions to Vaccines

If someone wants a religious exemption, direct him/her to Aaron Siri (NY) law firm’s Siri & Glimstad LLP website regarding exemptions. He offers written materials regarding exemptions and has a webinar available that explains how to draft a religious exemption. 

The applicant can watch the webinar which coaches him/her on authoring the religious exemption request. If anyone would like attorney assistance, they may contact the firm on the site and seek to retain an attorney to help. Retaining an attorney at the firm is approximately $1,400. However, because the exemption is more valid by not coming from a law firm, as that may underscore the “sincerely held’ nature of the religious belief, many people use the lower cost webinar to help craft the religious exemption request.  Others prefer more assistance and retain an attorney. Either option is available.

If someone is a federal employee or government agency employee who does not want the shot, they can submit an intake form at The firm is saving contact information for possible future legal challenges against the mandates. This page will also direct them to receiving assistance with any potential exemption they wish to submit.

Military members: If you’ve been denied a Covid-shot exemption, you may register with this law firm in a class action lawsuit. Attorney Aaron Siri is a foremost national expert. I can personally recommend him and his attorneys.

Religious Freedom Exemption Template:

Attorney Matthew DePerno published a sample religious freedom exemption appeal that was approved by a major government-run university. Download the sample appeal and its exhibits here:

Are You An Airline Employee? Join the Airline Injunction Action Against the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate:

Other legal resources: (free exemption letter template) (religious exemption form)

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