Op-Ed: Impressed with Wendy Rogers

By Stephanie Melotti, Tonto Basin

As elections loom on the horizon, I would like to say how much Wendy Rogers has been a model candidate to me personally.

I met Wendy over a year ago when she came knocking on my door in Tonto Basin. I’d never had any other candidate show such personal care nor take the time to actually meet the constituents in person. She took our picture so she could remember us and I thought that was going to be all the contact I had with her. Imagine my surprise when she would text to ask how I was doing. During the evacuations for the Bush Fire in June, she even called me to see how our family was doing and if we had a place to stay. She offered her own house if we didn’t have any place to go. That impressed me!

Since I’ve gotten to know Wendy a bit this past year, I’ve witnessed someone who gives 100% of herself and is deeply concerned about our country. She doesn’t complain about it like so many of us. She’s doing something about it by running for Arizona senator. I can’t recommend anyone as highly for this job as Wendy Rogers. Thanks, Wendy, for caring about those whom you will represent. You’ve made an impression already!

Source: https://www.paysonroundup.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/impressed-with-wendy-rogers/article_8b1b1f53-ee90-5f43-b221-07deab544836.html

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