Press Release: A Toxic Precedent From the ‘Cancel Culture’ is a Monumental Disgrace and Won’t Be Tolerated

STATE SENATE, PHOENIX –  After countless symbols of our country’s military history have been removed or destroyed as a result of a bizarre era of ‘woke’ individuals who aim to cancel out events and people of the past, Senator Wendy Rogers (R-6) is introducing legislation to make it illegal for rogue local governments and individuals to remove or destroy long-standing historical monuments.

SB 1463 would make it unlawful for a person, city, town, county or other political subdivision in Arizona to relocate, remove, alter, rename, rededicate, deface or otherwise disturb a statue, monument, memorial, nameplate, plaque, street, bridge, building, park preserve or reserve that is located on public property and has been erected for, named or dedicated in honor of the events of this state’s or country’s military history. This includes historical military figures, events, organizations or units.

An exception would be made if approval is granted through a two-thirds majority vote of both houses of the legislature.

“The cancel culture mob is out of control. We must protect our American and Arizonan military history and monuments from these extremists,” said Senator Rogers. “America is an exceptional nation and Arizona is an exceptional state. Even with our flaws, our history is worthy of being remembered. If our ancestors and forefathers built a monument to veterans and heroes of history, we must honor them and learn from them. Sadly, in a number of cities around the country, radical city councils are tearing down veteran statues on both sides of the Civil War, statues of our Founding Fathers and past presidents, and even wanting to tear down statues that honor the ending of slavery. It is out of control.”

Those local governments and individuals in violation would be found guilty of a class 3 felony, and the court shall order restitution of an amount in which at minimum includes the full cost of repairing or replacing the memorial or historic property.


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