Press Release: Sen. Wendy Rogers & Rep. Jacqueline Parker Pledge to Address Urgent Election Deadline Discrepancies, Strengthen Voter Confidence, Election Integrity

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— State Representative Jacqueline Parker, Chair of the House Municipal Oversight & Elections Committee, and State Senator Wendy Rogers, Chair of the Senate Elections Committee, today jointly announced their firm commitment to rectify issues arising from conflicting federal and state deadlines in the forthcoming elections.

In a bipartisan effort, SB 1008 was enacted into law in 2022, garnering widespread support and passing with overwhelming approval in the House, with only one dissenting vote. This vital legislation elevated the automatic recount threshold from an arbitrary, below national average margin of 200 votes, to a standard of less than one-half of 1-percent (0.5 percent). This change brought Arizona in alignment with several states, including Florida, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, reinforcing our commitment to fair and accurate elections.

However, as the state approaches the next election cycle, an increased incidence of automatic recounts, expected as a result from the change in law, poses a potential challenge to counties in meeting certain federal deadlines. While it would have been more productive for the counties to seek assistance in addressing this issue while the legislature was in session working on election bills, the chair of the House and Senate election committees are committed to addressing this issue.

Representative Parker and Senator Rogers believe it is an urgent priority that the legislature proactively address this time-sensitive issue. They are actively engaging with stakeholders, election officials, and legal experts to explore potential legislative remedies to ensure the integrity of our electoral process.

“We recognize the urgency of the situation, with counties potentially falling short of crucial deadlines under the current statutory framework. This challenge presents us with a unique opportunity to correct the underlying problem with timely reporting that has plagued Arizona elections, rather than approach it as a temporary band-aid fix that fails to move us forward,” said Rep. Parker.

“Our objective is to address the root of the problem, rather than simply treat the symptoms. By using this as a catalyst for addressing longstanding challenges, we aim for a lasting solution that ensures elections in Arizona function as the public expects. A true legislative fix will provide clarity, promote transparency, and will save taxpayer dollars,” said Sen. Rogers. “It is imperative that we restore and fortify voter confidence in Arizona. This legislative majority will not fail the voters.”

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