Sen. Rogers Renews Calls for Arrests in AZ: ‘We Have Imagery of Three Different Individuals Who Deleted Data’

During an interview last week on Victory Channel’s “Flash Point”, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) renewed calls for arrests in Arizona as evidence was brought forward during a September 24th State Senate hearing, revealing in part, that three different individuals reportedly deleted data, in regards to the 2020 general election.

“Elections have consequences and stolen elections have worse consequences. We’re the only State that’s done a deep dive, a cyber forensic audit of 2.1 million ballots. As many of you know, we had the final hearing on that on the 24th of September. It’s now in the hands of our Arizona Attorney General [Mark] Brnovich,” she said.

“I have been writing, heard, very strongly, on him to make arrests. We have imagery of three different individuals who deleted data. This is evidence that was put forward on September 24th,” Senator Rogers explained.

During the Arizona Senate hearing, Ben Cotton of CyFir– revealed that election results were purged from the EMS the day before the forensic audit began. Moreover, during a hearing in the House Oversight and Reform Committee on October 7th, Maricopa County Board of Supervisor officials admitted under oath, that they deleted election data after they received a subpoena from the Arizona State Senate.

“There is a hue and a cry for accountability, and we want arrests made. We want to proceed with getting to the bottom of the truth of 2020,” the Arizona State Senator said.

Asked what can we can do to help Arizona, Senator Rogers said, “You can contact Arizona Attorney General Brnovich and tell him how strongly you feel about him following through on the evidence he has. You can also, if you would please, go to my website,, and on the landing page in the upper right corner, click on the link that says you want to sign to decertify the Presidential Election of 2020. You will be joining over 1 million Americans who’ve already signed at”

“Also, I have put out a letter, we call it the ‘Audit 50 States Letter’. We need every possible State senator and State representative from all over the nation to sign, to recall the electors in their State,” Senator Rogers said. “We’ve already had over 100 State senators and State representatives sign this ‘Audit 50 States Letter’. Please communicate to me through ‘[email protected]’”.

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“Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is leading the calls for arrests, decertification in Arizona, and nationwide election audits in America. Last week on Victory Channel’s ‘Flash Point’ with Gene Bailey, State Senator Wendy Rogers demanded arrests by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Senator Rogers reminded everybody that the evidence is in the hands of Attorney General Brnovich and they even captured photographic evidence of individuals deleting data from the Elections Management Server.”

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