Sen. Rogers: Afghanistan Collapse Shows America “Weak and Woke”, Need Audits to “Preserve Freedom”

Sen. Wendy Rogers joined War Room Pandemic for an exclusive interview with Steve Bannon before the Pennsylvania Audit The Vote Rally. The interview covered Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover, the upcoming rally, and the urgency of preserving freedom by uncovering the truth about the 2020 election. Watch her interview below:

(The Freedom Times) AZ Sen. Rogers Rips Biden’s ‘Feckless, Reckless’ Approach to Afghanistan: “Absolutely Devastating” 

“Sen. Rogers, who served in the U.S. Airforce for 20 years, gave her assessment of the situation while appearing for an interview with Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice. ‘It telegraphs everything weak and woke about our military, about our country. It’s devastating,’ Sen. Rogers proclaimed. ‘It reminds me of Saigon 1973,” she added. “It’s just such a tragedy. And it was unnecessary. We could have done it much more skillfully.'”

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