Senator Wendy Rogers Endorses SB1221 for Groundwater Management in Gila Bend

In a move to address the critical issue of groundwater management in Gila Bend, Arizona, Senator Wendy Rogers has thrown her support behind Senate Bill 1221. This bill, proposed by Senator Sine Kerr, aims to establish Basin Management Areas (BMAs) as a new legal framework for managing water resources in the region.

The endorsement of SB1221 by Senator Rogers comes amidst growing concerns over declining water levels in the Gila Bend Groundwater Basin. The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) has initiated a process to set up an Active Management Area (AMA) in the region, the first of its kind in four decades. However, this approach has sparked debate among legislators and stakeholders.

Senator Kerr’s SB1221 offers an alternative to the AMA and the proposed Rural Groundwater Management Area (RGMA). The bill focuses on creating BMAs, which would provide increased oversight and rules for water use, while also aiming to protect the local economy and preserve groundwater for future non-irrigation uses. This approach is seen as a more balanced solution, addressing the needs of farmers, ranchers, and the broader community in Gila Bend.

“As the wife of a dairyman of many generations, I understand that you never ignore the agricultural community. They are very strong, they will prevail, and God bless them.” – Sen. Wendy Rogers

Senator Rogers’ endorsement reflects a recognition of the need for innovative and region-specific solutions to water management challenges. The bill’s emphasis on protecting the economy while considering future water needs aligns with the interests of many in the rural areas of Arizona.

Watch Wendy Rogers’ remarks at the SB1221 rally:

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