State Senate Candidate Calls for Abolition of Abortion in Arizona

Wendy Rogers, who is running for Arizona’s 6th district state senate seat has a message for Planned Parenthood, she believes “it is pure evil”. Rogers, a retired Air Force Lt. Col. promises that when elected to do everything in her power to end abortion in Arizona and shut down Planned Parenthood.

The state of Arizona has roughly 12,500 abortions a year, including people from other states who come to Arizona just to have an abortion, as Wendy points out in her video. Wendy continues in front of the Flagstaff AZ Planned Parenthood, “It is past time to end abortion in Arizona, It needs to be abolished. If we don’t end abortion the blood of these precious children will be on our hands, and that’s not acceptable!”

On March 19th Gov. Doug Ducey signed an executive order to halt all “non-essential and elective” procedures, leaving the judgment up to the medical professional to decide using the criteria of if delayed, will endanger the patient. 

In response to Gov. Ducey’s order, Bryan Howard, the president of Planned Parenthood Arizona, has exploited the language in order to continue abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics in the state. As you can see in the video at the end of the article, Planned Parenthood still has foot traffic going in and out.

Rogers tweeted out a video laying out her plan captioned:

“We must end abortion in Arizona once and for all. Planned Parenthood stayed open while schools, barbershops, medical offices, and restaurants were forced to close during the pandemic. Vote for Wendy Rogers for AZ Senate if you want someone who will stand up to Planned Parenthood.”

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