Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers renewed her demand to replace Ronna McDaniel “Romney,” who is the niece of U.S. Sen Mitt Romney (R-UT), as GOP Chairwoman after a report that she has been resisting efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, calling it a “top priority.”

Rogers demanded in the tweet, “#RonnaMustGo! I have been trying to tell people. If we get rid of any politicians SHE must be a top priority.”

“Bye bye RONNA ROMNEY!” Rogers declared.

On Wednesday, Rogers also demanded that McDaniel be removed, as well as U.S. House Rep Nancy Mace (R-SC), insisting, “Ronna Romney and Nancy ‘Disgrace’ Mace must go! #RonnaMustGo #NeverNancy“

“Ronna Romney’s preferred pronouns are Ronna/Must/Go. #RonnaMustGo,” Rogers insisted in another tweet, referencing a recent LGBTQ push within the party that McDaniel has been supportive of.

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