Video: Arizona’s Wendy Rogers Vows to Stop ‘Invasion,’ Put America First in New Campaign Ad

Trump-endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has released a new campaign ad vowing to stop the “invasion” of America and “secure the Arizona border once and for all,” ahead of the state’s legislative primaries next month. After re-districting drew her into a new district, Rogers is facing a fellow Republican incumbent in the primary – one who has turned against the America First movement and towards the establishment, after failing to secure the support of President Trump.

“Biden’s un-American agenda has created an invasion which must be stopped,” Rogers, who helped spearhead the Arizona Audit, says in the new campaign ad. As the ad opens, viewers are shown scenes of massive illegal migrant caravans and America’s wide-open southern border, which has been crossed by over a million illegal aliens so far this year.

Instead of enforcing America’s borders and immigration laws, the Biden Administration has released the vast majority of those caught by Border Patrol agents into the United States.

“I’m Senator Wendy Rogers,” the ad goes on. “I’m fighting to secure the Arizona border once and for all. I’m proud to be endorsed by Kari Lake, Sheriff Joe, and President Trump,” Rogers continues in saying, flexing her America First credentials before the ad cuts to a scene of Rogers on stage at a packed rally.

“Together, we will restore our great country to what it is supposed to be,” says Rogers from the stage.

“Vote for me, Wendy Rogers, so I can continue to put America First and fight for you,” she says in closing.

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