(Video) AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “I Want To See PERP WALKS. I Want To See ARRESTS And I’m Going To Bear Down On The Issue Until We Do.”

On Wednesday, Patriots rallied in Phoenix, Arizona for election integrity and Arizona’s audit.

AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake hosted a spectacular Election Integrity rally featuring the heroic Arizona State legislators, Congressman Paul Gosar, Mike Lindell, OANN’s Christina Bobb, and President Trump. It was exactly one year after our corrupt dictatorship scammed us out of our votes.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers gave a fiery speech where she lambasted the RNC for their recent New Jersey election disaster and called on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to proceed with indictments, perp walks, and “arrests for those who shamed us”.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Senator Rogers after the event.

Conradson: It’s November 3, 2021. It’s been one year since this fraudulent election and Americans are tired of waiting. What is the next step with Arizona audit?

Rogers: Well, first of all, great to be with you, Jordan, down here in Phoenix at the Kari Lake event for election integrity. One year later, elections have consequences. Stolen elections have far worse consequences. We barely won Virginia last night. We won it because we won Chesterfield, we won rural Virginia, and we won Virginia Beach. They turned out in massive amounts, more than typical, which overcame the fraud and corruption that was attempted in Fairfax County. We’re losing New Jersey. I don’t know if we lost it now as of tonight, because of this fraud and corruption. I am doing everything I can here in Arizona to prevent this from happening, to get to the bottom of the truth, which means Brnovich needs to do his job. And I want to see perp walks. I want to see arrests and I’m going to bear down on the issue until we do.

Conradson: So I just saw Adrian Fontes, former Maricopa County Recorder; he was brought in for some questions by Attorney General Brnovich. What do you think will come out of that? Who do you think needs to be questioned next?

Rogers: Well, something needs to come out of it and just because Fontes was an attorney with the Attorney General’s Office at one time, he thinks he can skate; he thinks he can skirt what is gonna come down on him. And I believe that the justice will be served. And I’ll tell you my constituents in northern Arizona are absolutely adamant, emphatic, HOT, that arrests are not being made.

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