‘We Must Protect Our Children From Evil Like This’ Wendy Rogers Demands Tony Navarrete Resign ‘ASAP’

Arizona Republican State Sen Wendy Rogers has made her opinion crystal clear in regards to her current colleague on the other side of the aisle, LGTBQ Caucus member and Democrat State Sen Tony Navarrete, who was charged with seven felonies today in relation to sexual conduct with two male teenagers.

Rogers quote tweeted a tweet from Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who declared, “Sen. Navarrete should resign immediately.”

“These allegations are abhorrent. My prayers are with the young victims and their loved ones during this traumatic time,” Ducey added.

Rogers stated that she concurred with the governor and that demanded that Navarrete resign “ASAP.”

“We must protect our children from evil like this,” Rogers explained.

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