Wendy Rogers: Bill Moving Forward from State Judiciary Committee Will Increase Penalties on Monument Destroyers in Arizona

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) just announced on Twitter that a bill to hold leftist (and any-ist) would be vandals against monuments in the great state of Arizona just moved forward from a committee. This bill now advances to a full vote soon. Wendy posted a “fact sheet” detailing information about the bill. This was in response to another Twitter user who had tweeted:

“Really disappointing to see AZ Democrats on the Senate Judiciary vote against penalties for damaging defacing public monuments, memorials or statues” Wendy responded:

“Thankfully we were able to pass HB2552, a bill that increases penalties on monument destroyers, out of the Judiciary Committee.”

The bill will, in part, add defacing, damaging or tampering with a public or private monument, memorial or statue to the list of actions that constitute aggravated criminal damage. Read more below:

Continue Reading: https://mediarightnews.com/wendy-rogers-bill-moving-forward-from-state-judiciary-committee-will-increase-penalties-on-monument-destroyers-in-arizona/

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