Wendy Rogers’ Notes from the Pima County Hearing

For anyone who wants to know what happened at the Pima County hearing but was unable to attend, here are my notes on the important findings and data presented.

Wendy Rogers

Seth Keshel

  • The “bellweather states,” Ohio, Iowa, Florida, and North Carolina all went to the same presidential candidate since the year 1896. Since 1892, no incumbent has gained votes, yet gone on to lose reelection.  The results for the U.S. House of Representatives elections were a Republican landslide, with Democrats losing 13 house seats — but Biden still won?
  • Maricopa + Pima comprise ~76% of Az vote and are considered badly corrupted.
  • Solution suggestions:  
    1. Limit mail-in voting
    2. Targeted canvassing
    3. Re-register voters

Doug Logan (CEO, Cyber Ninjas)

  • Counting should be conducted at the precinct level; it used to be that way.
    • Mandate hand-counting and require video surveillance.
    • As citizens, we should be able to look up our vote. Hand counting connects voters back to ownership of their votes.
  • The Election Assistance Commission is failing us with regard to election security best practices. There is no security patching and no enforcement. For example, Maricopa County and Pima County have developed their own in-house voter roll security without any requirement for security testing.
    • How can we expect accountability without enforcement and deterrence?
    • We should require no hardware inside machines which would enable said machines to be able to be connected to the Internet.
    • We must ensure election tabulation software is secure. Each inputter must have their own account. We must have standardized election artifacts and file frequency.
  • We must increase the audit-ability of our elections. Transparency strengthens democracy. Institutionalize auditing under the AZ Auditor General.
    • “UOCAVA (overseas) ballots scare me. There are a lot of ways to monkey with that.”
    • Fundamental are the voter rolls.
  • If a voter receives extra ballots, hang onto them. They are akin to currency.

Voting Machine Contractor Violations

  • Contractors working with the government should be held to a higher standard.
  • Every voting machine violated Arizona Code § 16-442(B), which states that voting machines “may only be certified for use in [Arizona] if they comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002 and…have been tested and approved by a laboratory that is accredited pursuant to the Help America Vote Act of 2002.”
  • None of the required documents or items were submitted, e.g. bonds. This represents work being done without a contract.
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