Wendy Rogers’ Notes from the True The Vote Briefing (5/31/22)

Sen. Wendy Rogers’ notes from the True The Vote briefing before the Arizona State Senate:

Yuma county has been slipping away for 22 years. Inaccurate voter rolls are the gateway to the problems, which then enables fraud by way of mass mail-out of absentee / mail-in ballots. NGOs then exploit those ballot dumps with unmanned drop boxes.

Exposing this, as shown in 2000 Mules, utilized purchased data sets commonly used for tracking and advertising. For an example of the kind of information available to be purchased, type *#06# in your phone dialer. It will show you a report of your “digital DNA” — including latitude, longitude, altitude, and time links. This allows True The Vote to match the when/where to the who, with over 10 trillion activity signals filtered for the duration of the election timeframe and geo-fenced around drop boxes and non-profits. Non-cohesive data was excluded to ensure that false positives were cleared.

Precision: 30 nanoseconds, 2 centimeters.

The biggest challenge is that despite all of the data, it’s not actionable. The users are still masked. Phone companies would need to turn over individualized records matching the cell phone data in order for law enforcement to have a lead. TTV is establishing a cooperative framework with Sheriff Lamb and other sheriffs.

Going forward, we need to:

  1. Stop shoddy or nonexistent dropbox surveillance
  2. Clean the voter rolls by confirming ID, residency and citizenship
  3. Stop mass mail-out of election ballots
  4. Stop dropboxes or secure them with real-time video surveillance
  5. Penalize cheating with something that cheaters fear
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