Wendy Rogers Proposes Bill to Designate Arizona State Route 260 as “President Donald J. Trump Highway”

Pro-Trump Republican and Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers announced on Twitter this evening that she is proposing Arizona state route 260 be named “President Donald J. Trump Highway”. Below is her announcement from Twitter. 

“I am proud to support President Trump’s legacy by proposing to designate Arizona State Route 260 as “President Donald J Trump Highway”. Please call your state reps and senators and ask them to support SCM1003.”

State Senator Rogers has been a prominent supporter of former president Trump and stood alongside him while he was fighting to prove allegations of voter fraud in court. The freshmen State Senator has sponsored numerous bills like making gun and ammo stores essential during a state of emergency. 

She also introduced a bill to the Arizona State Legislature that would remove Margaret Sanger from the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame. Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood, an organization that carries out thousands of abortions each year. 

Arizona isn’t the first state to have legislation proposed to rename a highway after former President Trump. Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini introduced a bill to the Florida State legislature which would rename the U.S. Highway 27, which stretches the length of Florida, after former President Trump.

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