Wendy Rogers Reacts After Fox News Accuses Tucker Carlson of Contract Breach, ‘You Have Lost on All Levels’

Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers reacted in a pair of tweets to the news that Fox News has accused its former star host Tucker Carlson of a breach of contract.

The first response was made early this morning when the news first broke. In response to a tweet from Rogan O’Handley, Rogers said that “Being sued is Tucker’s badge of honor and evidence of his 100% credibility.”

O’Handley shared an article from Axios announcing the news and said, “BREAKING: Fox News plans to sue Tucker Carlson after his 1st video on Twitter went viral.”

“They claim it’s a breach of contract. Maybe we boycott Fox News until they stop trying to silence one of the biggest voices before the 2024 election? FREE SPEECH”

After a report that Carlson’s lawyer has responded to the accusations, Rogers then tweeted a “translation” of his response.

“If Twitter hadn’t become so dominant & widespread, Fox couldn’t have cared less. But now that Freedom of Speech has explosively shifted landscapes, Fox wants to redefine terms & move the goalposts,” Rogers explained.

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