Wendy Rogers Renews Call For Maricopa County, AZ to Be Split Up Ahead of Tomorrow’s Audit Release

Tomorrow, the results of the 2020 election audit of Maricopa County, Arizona will be released on the Senate floor.

GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers has been counting down and renewed her call for Maricopa County to be split up today in a tweet.

“Time to split up Maricopa County because that many votes are too important to put in the hands of bumbling bloviating nincompoops like Stephen Richer and Adrian Fontes,” Rogers declared.

In a subsequent tweet, Rogers added, “Smaller precincts. Smaller counties. More state reps and senators so they listen to their constituents more.”

In June, Arizona’s GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward asked in a tweet whether or not Maricopa County, which is the 4th most populous county in the U.S., should be broken down.

Arizona GOP State Senator Wendy Rogers quote tweeted Ward and declared, “1,000 times yes. I will propose this bill unless someone else beats me to it.”

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