Wendy Rogers Slams ‘Woke’ Disney, Who Later Apologized, After Employee Ruins Disneyland Marriage Proposal By Snatching the Ring Out of the Man’s Hand Mid-Proposal

Republican Arizona State Sen Wendy Rogers yesterday slammed “woke” Disney after a couple’s now-viral marriage proposal was interrupted by an employee.

Disney has since apologized for the incident and the viral video first posted on Reddit last week showed the ruined proposal that took place in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, Paris.

Rogers quote tweeted a clip of the viral incident where the “Real Mac Report” reported that “Disney employee ruins a proposal.”

“Woke Disney,” Rogers lamented.

The video begins with a man getting on one knee to propose to his girlfriend on a platform.

An employee rushes up mid-proposal and snatches the ring box out of the man’s hands, ushering the couple off the platform.

As Fox News noted, the man says as he walks off the platform, “She said yes.”

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