Wendy Rogers Throws Down Gauntlet, Asks State AG What Can be Done About Illegal Immigrants Housed in Arizona Hotels

State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) announced that she has contacted the Attorney General of Arizona in an effort to end the housing of illegal aliens in Arizona hotels.

Starting on May 29th, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told Scottsdale city officials their plans to house illegal immigrant families while they await processing. This lodging plan stems from an $87 million contract with a non-profit group called Endeavors.

These undocumented immigrants can receive lodging in our country for over 4 months, until September 30th! Several hotels are being occupied due to this program and at least 1,200 beds will be available for illegal immigrants. This has infuriated many Conservative activists and voices.

Protestors have gathered outside the hotel in Scottsdale this month, rallying against this issue. One protestor, Rick Jenkins, said “we shouldn’t be letting them come in the country in the first place. We have veterans that are living on the street and these people get meals catered and they get everything?” 

Another Scottsdale resident, Leslie Miller questioned the future success of these foreign agents: “Do we know that they all have sponsors? Do we know that they have a place to go? Do we know that they’re actually going to show up for their court date? Or they’re just released and they’re on their own? Because that worries me for them.” Another protestor suggested these immigrants ought to be held in a government facility: “Why can’t we fit all these people into a government facility? Why do they need their hotels put everywhere with these people put in them?”

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