Wendy Rogers Wants Trump Back in the White House Even More Now Because What They Are Doing to Him is ‘So Wrong’

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers expressed her feelings about the Jan. 6 committee hearings in regards to the 45th President Donald Trump in a tweet today.

Rogers declared in the tweet, “What they are doing to President Trump is so wrong I want him back in the White House even more now.”

When reached for comment about the tweet, Rogers verified that she meant the Jan. 6 committee in regards to “they.”

The Jan. 6 committee held a hearing yesterday where they heard testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

Hutchinson testified about a dramatic physical altercation that she claimed occurred between Trump and his top security official on Jan. 6.

Despite two witnesses being prepared to testify that it never occurred, the Jan. 6 committee has continued to insist that they found Hutchinson’s testimony credible.

The committee invited those who would dispute her to come forward and give sworn testimony, but whether they are serious about that or not, is unclear.

According to POLITICO reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan, “USSS Spox Anthony Guglielmi tells me that in the 10 days before the Hutchinson hearing, the Jan. 6 committee did not reach out for more details regarding the Beast ride.”

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