Wendy Rogers’ Website Crashes Due to High Demand, Back Up Now With 87K Signatures On Petition to ‘Decertify Election’ in AZ

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been making waves. After being recently called on directly by former President Donald Trump to help him acquire Maricopa County servers that may be crucial to the election audit, her Twitter following has been exploding.

After the initial 2020 election audit was complete, Rogers wasn’t satisfied enough with the findings to say that things were on the up and up and called for a recall of the election in AZ. She has a petition on her website now for people to sign if they think the election should be decertified.

Although there won’t likely be a national call for this, Rogers and other Arizona Republicans in Arizona as well as her supporters want to send a clear message. 

They are not confident in the election process and want things to be better and to be assured there is not fraud ever again. Just a couple of days ago, there was so much demand for Rogers’ website they had to upgrade the servers to keep traffic flowing. 

“My decertify petition is back up! We upgraded servers & it took a while for the IP address to update. Keep checking back if still having issues. We are up to 36,302 signatures – let’s get it to 1 million! I will report the number during my TV interviews.”

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