America First Congressman Bob Good Decisively Wipes the Floor With GOP Opponent in ‘Convention’ Primary, Wendy Rogers Offers Congratulations

Pro-Trump U.S. House Rep Bob Good (R-VA) has won his primary ”convention” against a GOP opponent decisively. Good has been good, no pun intended, at supporting President Trump’s America First agenda. 

He has stood up against illegal immigration, stood for election integrity, and when he won last time, ousted RINO GOP Rep Denver Riggleman, who later went on to assist with ”January 6th” investigations. Riggleman recently (likely) used his former RINO Rep status to snag a non-profit gig to work in Ukraine, since he lost his House seat.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) endorsed Good, who now goes on to face the Democrat in November. Rogers, who constantly triggers liberals and RINOs with her large social media pedestal triggering hit piece after hit piece from leftist rags, posted a major congratulations:

“Breaking: Wendy-endorsed and friend @GoodForCongress just won the 5th District Convention and is now the Republican nominee for the General Election for #VA05. Good unseated never-Trumper woke January 6 investigation advocate Denver Riggleman in 2020. He is vying for reelection.”

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