Ariz. State Sen. Rogers: Audit Number Don’t Match 2020 Election Results

Sen. Wendy Rogers (R-Ariz.) suggested the audit of 2020 elections was set to reveal massive fraud by Democrats. In a tweet on Tuesday, Rogers said the numbers from the Arizona audit did not match the purported outcomes of 2020 elections.

The senator added it was still unclear by how many votes or whether the audit would change election outcomes. This comes after Senate President Karen Fann (R-Ariz.) said the numbers didn’t match in Maricopa County, as suspected previously.

“All we’re doing is just counting number of ballots. It’s a paper counting machine, is all it does,” she explained. “They haven’t released a number yet if you will, however, we do know that those do not match with the Maricopa County at this point.”

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(Texas News Today) Arizona Senator Rogers: Audit Number Does Not Match 2020 Election Results

“Senator Wendy Rogers (Republican) has suggested that an audit of the 2020 elections was set up to reveal a major Democratic fraud. In a tweet on Tuesday, Rogers said Arizona’s audit figures were inconsistent with the results of the 2020 elections […] unclear whether election results will change depending on the number of votes and audits. This was after Senator Karen Fann (Republican) stated that the numbers did not match in Maricopa County, as previously suspected.”

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(National File) ARIZONA: Number of Votes Certified and Ballots Counted in Maricopa Audit ‘DO NOT MATCH’

“The fact that the votes did not match was then repeatedly publicized by a number of important Arizona figures, including State Senator Wendy Rogers, who has hit headlines as being one of the most America First senators in the state legislature. The official “Audit War Room” Twitter account, who monitors and posts updates of the audit, also confirmed the ballot match issues.”

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(World Tribune) Arizona update: ‘Significant discrepancies between the ballots and original count’

“A July 1 tweet from 2020 Election Updates that was retweeted by Arizona state Sen. Sonny Borrelli said that the audit report for Maricopa County’s ballots by the Arizona state Senate ‘will show significant discrepancies between the ballots audited and original count, when it’s released.’ […] State Sen. Wendy Rogers tweeted: ‘This tweet was retweeted by the great patriot Sonny Borrelli, former Marine and is on the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee with me. Our committee is the one that can act after sine die. He knows what he is saying.'”

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