Wendy Rogers Blocks Washington Post Reporter For Following Her on Twitter and Then Endorses Teddy Daniels For Congress

Arizona Republican State Sen Wendy Rogers has been making an impact on Twitter lately, with many Conservative influencers following her now, to complement the impact that she had in bringing about the 2020 presidential election audit in Maricopa County as well as other legislation that she has helped to draft and get passed.

Earlier today, she reported in a tweet that she “Just blocked a Washington Post reporter because I can. She followed me and I saw her and now she is gone. That paper is the worst form of written communication on earth.”

Rogers later tweeted in regards to the growth of her Twitter account and stated, “My Twitter is growing rapidly. Thank you to all who are following my account.”

“I promise to use it to help the conservative America First cause until they boot me. I will spend my political capital to help the grassroots. Not interested in helping the swamp or other politicians,” Rogers explained.

Following the promise from Rogers, she endorsed Pennsylvania Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels, who has been supporting PA State Senator Doug Mastriano’s efforts to audit that state’s elections.

In a two-part tweet, Rogers shared a picture of Daniels in uniform and stated, “I endorse Teddy Daniels for Congress. He is a retired police officer, a wounded combat veteran with distinguished service, and is a fighter. We need more conservative military fighters like Teddy in office who have loyalty to this country.”

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