Arizona Audit Champion Wendy Rogers Endorses Jarome Bell for Congress in VA-2

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers announced over Twitter that she has endorsed Jarome Bell for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd District, highlighting Bell’s military service, early support of the Arizona election audit, and support for tight immigration controls in making her announcement.

Senator Rogers, who has helped lead national efforts in favor of 2020 election audits and was at the center of the successful effort to audit the vote in Arizona, called Bell a patriot who has what it takes to defeat a radical Democrat incumbent in a swing district.

Bell’s district is one of several across the country that strategists for both parties have declared a national bellwether in 2022 as so-called “moderate” Democrat incumbent Elaine Luria has been repeatedly exposed to the district’s voters as a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.

Like Rogers in Arizona, Bell has taken on a leading role in the fight for election integrity in Virginia, calling on the state to hold a forensic audit of their own after documented cases of extreme irregularities in Virginia’s vote tallies were exposed to the public. Bell has also filed suit in federal court against tech giant Facebook, alleging that the left-wing corporation engages in anti-Christian censorship and electioneering on behalf of the Democrat Party.

“I endorse patriot @JaromeBellVA,” Rogers posted to Twitter. “Jarome Is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer with 27 years of service who is running for Congress in a swing district in Virginia against a radical Democrat. We only need 5 seats to take back the House of Representatives.”

“He is at the forefront of fighting for our freedom,” Rogers’ Twitter thread continued. “I see him constantly taking the fight to the enemies of this country and he does not back down. He also supports election integrity (forensic audits) and an immigration moratorium,” she wrote. “When others mocked the Arizona audit – Jarome supported us. Jarome has my endorsement 100%. I encourage all patriots to donate to his campaign and to support him in his election.”

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