Arizona Passes Election Bill Designed to Help Clean Up Early Voting Lists

It was reported last month that a GOP election bill that could remove 200k people from the permanent early voting list cleared the Arizona House of Representatives.

Today, AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers announced that the bill had been approved in the Senate as well and Gov. Doug Ducey (R) released a video saying that he has signed it into law.

In a tweet, Rogers said, “Proud to vote for this bill (SB1485) and I am glad it passed! It is an outstanding bill that helps clean up the voter rolls and protects us from fraud. ‘Renames the permanent early voting list (PEVL) as the active early voting list (AEVL).’”

Rogers explained that the bill “Removes a voter from the AEVL if the voter fails to vote by early ballot in all regular primary or regular general elections and all city or town candidate primary or first elections or city or town candidate second, general or runoff elections for two consecutive election cycles.

The bill also “Requires counties to notify a voter prior to removing that voter from the AEVL” and had stalled out for weeks in the House of Representatives since passing out of committee on March 10.

The timeframe coincided with increased activism against legislation in Arizona, Georgia and elsewhere in the U.S. that Democrats castigated as voter suppression, but proposed changes by AZ State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, the bill’s sponsor, helped break the logjam.

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