AZ Sen. Rogers Calls On Red States To Audit & Expose Blue Counties: ‘They Will All Go To Jail’

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) is calling on “all red states” to “audit blue counties” to expose potential 2020 election fraud, ultimately sending culprits — who engaged in malfeasance — “to jail”.

On Friday, Senator Rogers unveiled a letter signed by 41 state legislators, from across the country, who are calling for forensic audits in each state and urging their states to decertify the 2020 election, if their audit results mirror those in Arizona.

“All red states need to audit blue counties. You have the votes to do it. You will dismantle the Democrat machines in those cities because they will all go to jail. Big wins for truth and #ElectionIntegrity. Exposes the machine and mail in fraud. This is a #NoBrainer!” Senator Rogers expressed on Twitter Saturday.

The retired USAF Lt. Col., earlier on Saturday morning, explained that “the plan is audit all 50 states [and] canvass all 50 states until every last crook in both parties is put in jail, we have our elections back, and we expel Soros from our nation like so many others have done”.

The Arizona State Senator, during a press conference on Friday, noted the “U.S. Constitution gives us the plenary power to oversee the U.S. Presidential Election”, vowing, “No matter what the left says, we will keep this in the narrative. We will stay focused … persevere … hold those who are criminally accountable”.

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