Wendy Rogers Lights Up ‘Republicans’ Who Voted for Red Flag Laws, Including the Ones Others Are Afraid to Call Out

Arizona State Senator and self-described, “Conservative America First Pro-Trump Republican” called out the Republicans who voted for Red Flag laws and for women to be put into the draft. 

“If you voted to draft our daughters or for Red Flag gun confiscation in the latest trash bill to come out of DC resign now.”

“I am hearing some really bad things about some supposed conservative congressmen. Matt Gaetz, Ronny Jackson, Madison Cawthrone, Stephanie Bice, Gus Bilirakis, Kat Cammack and Dan Crenshaw why did you vote for this garbage bill?”

Below is the list of the 135 GOP House Representatives who voted for red flag laws and for women to be drafted.

Continue Reading: https://mediarightnews.com/wendy-rogers-lights-up-republicans-who-voted-for-red-flag-laws-including-the-ones-others-are-afraid-to-call-out/

(The Freedom Times) Update: 93 Legislators From Multiple States Call For 50-State Audit & Decertification Where Appropriate

“The letter has since updated with now 93 legislatures from multiple states, calling for a 50-state-audit and decertification where appropriate, as reported by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers. […] ‘Thank you all for helping our movement get more people on board with this letter! Please read the letter, see who is on, and who is not on. Those who are not on, please ask them to sign. If they don’t sign, start working on primarying them,’ Senator Rogers said in statement on Monday.”

Read Article: https://www.thefreedomtimes.com/2021/10/04/update-93-legislators-from-multiple-states-call-for-50-state-audit-decertification-where-appropriate/

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