AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Is TRAVELING THE COUNTRY To Fight For Audits – “EVERY COUNTY That Had Machines NEEDS to Be Audited”

Some Arizona State Legislators are the face of election integrity in the U.S. and they were at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium representing Arizona.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers joined State Senator Sonny Borrelli and State Representative Mark Finchem, who is running for Secretary of State to secure Arizona’s elections, on stage yesterday.

They told the crowd the legend of Arizona’s battle for an audit after the fraud that was witnessed across Maricopa County. 

Afterward, The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke to Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers.

Conradson: What did you think of the Cyber Symposium?

Rogers: Well, great to be here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we drove from Arizona and got to see the great heartland of our country, came here with an open mind to learn as much as we could. And what really was a special takeaway is the fact that I think every state here, sent a state representative, or a state senator, and so we have all gotten to know one another, and realized as a group together, that we have the plenary power given to us by the U.S. Constitution to oversee the presidential election, and as such, We are now united as state legislatures to go forward, to find the truth of what happened in 2020, so that we can restore election integrity for 2022. 

Conradson: That’s right, we gotta find the truth. So, after seeing what you saw here this week, what is your next step, what are you going to do?

Rogers: Well, we are trying to be an inspiration to other states because of our Arizona audit, and of course, we have three or four weeks to go before we find out the final results and the findings from that. In the meantime, I am traveling across the country to encourage other states to do on it’s because honestly, folks. Every county that had machines, involved in the election process needs to be audited and we all are in agreement on that.

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