Fmr. Air Force Pilot Wendy Rogers Wrecks ‘Woke’ General Milley, Says Maybe he Should Have Focused on Now Disastrous Afghanistan Instead of Americans

This could be President Joe Biden’s “read my lips, no new taxes” moment, except far worse considering potential lives that could be lost. Although most Americans wanted the U.S. military gone from Afghanistan, many claim Joe Biden could have done it more strategically. 

It may or may not have been preventable for the Taliban takeover that is happening. But American citizens having to be rescued from rooftops by helicopters doesn’t sound good at all. Stefan Simanowitz reported:

“PHOTO 1: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the #Taliban enter #Kabul from all sides. #Afghanistan (2021) PHOTO 2: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the PAVN & Viet Cong capture of Saigon, Vietnam (1975)” 

Of course, Edward Snowden also chimed in, quoting Joe Biden from July: “The Taliban is not the North Vietnamese army. There’s gonna be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” —@JoeBiden, July 2021″

“Maybe Biden and Woke Milley should have focused on Afghanistan instead of being woke and going after the American people.”

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