AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Drops 88 Bills: “We Are Going Back to In-Person One Day One Vote NO MACHINES And Paper Ballots With Watermarks”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has already proposed 88 bills for the 2022 legislative session, including legislation to ban machine counting in elections.

On Monday, Senator Rogers tweeted a link to view 75 proposed laws. Already, that number has grown.

One of these bills, SB1133, will ban a city, town, or school from conducting mail-in elections. On Monday, this bill passed through the Senate Government Committee with six more new elections laws, including currency-grade ballot counterfraud requirements. 

Senator Rogers tweeted that 70 election integrity bills have been proposed in the Senate so far.

On Tuesday, Rogers announced another critical election security bill via press release. This bill will require elections to be counted by hand and ban electronic tabulating equipment.

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