Wendy Rogers Calls Out Kevin McCarthy and ‘His Swamp Consultants’ Who Are ‘Actively Recruiting Anti-Trump Swamp Candidates’

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers called out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and “his swamp consultants” today who are “actively recruiting anti-Trump swamp candidates.”

With the midterms on the horizon, there will be a battle for power within the Republican party as it appears certain that they will take back the House and likely the Senate.

In a tweet, Rogers reported, “Kevin McCarthy and his swamp consultants are actively recruiting anti-Trump swamp candidates against conservatives in all of the open seat districts.”

“He is also supporting the impeachment voting congressmen with campaign cash. He needs to go!” Rogers declared.

In a follow-up two-part tweet, Rogers insisted, “Kevin McCarthy cuts backroom deals with ‘conservative’ congressmen that they will only fight over a certain few races if they leave other races alone.”

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(The Freedom Times) ‘Bye, Felicia’: Sen. Rogers Says, Describes Why House GOP Leader McCarthy ‘Needs To Go’

“’Bye, Felicia,’ Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-6) expressed on Thursday in regards to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — after clarifying why she believes the House minority leader ‘needs to go’. Rogers’ sentiment transpired following a series of tweets, suggesting McCarthy is ‘recruiting anti-Trump swamp candidates against conservatives in all of the open seat districts’ ahead of the 2022 November midterms.”

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