Breaking: Arizona Election Audit Update

Wendy joined the team conducting the Arizona election audit earlier today, and gave the following update on Twitter after speaking with key audit personnel:

Here are some of my takeaways from the tour of the audit yesterday:

  1. Increase in capacity now:
    • From 17 to 32 paper inspection tables using microscopic cameras
    • From 20 to 44 counting tables (yellow, green, blue)
    • From 4 to 12 aggregation tables
  2. The pace is picking up daily
  3. More audit forensics are done each day
  4. Theoretically, mail-in ballots should all be of the same type, composition, and fiber with little to no variance. So if variances ARE seen, there should be an explanation, if there is no explanation, then that is a gap.
  5. 703 precincts were condensed down to 175 precincts. Every precinct has different ballots. Thus, if your ballot was “printed on demand”, then the paper in those situations could legitimately vary… but the paper should not vary for mail-in ballots.
  6. We now DO have the deleted databases folder
    • Despite news accounts, it really WAS deleted
    • It was CyFIR who discovered this and they are none other than the firm who discovered the June 2015 US Gov’t Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach where SF86 forms used for Top Secret security clearances were compromised. The bad guys had been infiltrated into OPM for three years.
    • Sample scenario: Ballot box’s pink slip says 200 ballots contained in the box. Really only 99 physical ballots are actually IN the box. There should be TWO cross-references to verify this. The Dominion machine would have a batch number corresponding to that grouping of ballots AND Dominion should have the scanned imagery to similarly correlate to those ballots. Where are the remaining 101 ballots? Are they imaged in Dominion? Is their batch number tallied in Dominion?

Constituent questions:

  1. Will the AZ Audit be enough?
    Yes, because it will inform legislation necessary to plug the gaps to restore the public’s confidence.
  2. What has been the media’s role?
    The media have served to fragment and erode our confidence.
  3. Will it be provable?
    Contrary to her claims, Secretary Hobbs’ concern of contamination of the tabulator machines is completely baseless. CyFIR’s standard operating procedures for data collection are Read Only capabilities such that nothing can be altered. Everything is also provably videoed. Dominion itself declined the invitation to observe the AZ Audit.
  4. Will the AZ Audit’s results be legally actionable?
    Potentially, yes. Indeed, intent versus accidental sloppiness is determinable.

    Bottom Line: The left redefines “evidence” to be proof. The way it really goes is you have enough evidence to proceed with investigation and discovery. Then you determine the conclusion based upon proof. Example: You go outside and the ground is wet. Was it due to rain? Was it your neighbor’s sprinklers? Was it morning dew? One needs more information for proof. If the courts and media stop you, then you will never discover the proof to know the truth.

Summary to the audience from Cyber Ninjas CEO:

  1. This has never been done before.
  2. It’s really important for our democracy to be transparent
  3. Unfortunately, technology has gotten in the way rather than helping.
  4. Where will we be if voters think their votes don’t matter anymore?
  5. We have a solid AZ Audit team that is ready and capable to get it done.
  6. This is a calling. We will overcome any and every obstacle.
  7. Can’t wait till it’s over so that the participants can talk all they want about what they’ve seen!
  8. Physical data collection completed by the end of June. The report will follow sometime later.

Feedback from a floor volunteer who is a retired USAF pilot

  1. Chain of custody procedures are as precise and flawless as Strategic Air Command’s. Signing off of authenticators’ “secrets” was not as stringent as the AZ Audit! Going to the bathroom for 10 minutes requires a sign-off.
  2. Laughable that the AZ Secretary of State said her machines were compromised when she initially said they were unhackable.

Procedures on the floor:

  1. All volunteer counters must be from Maricopa county and have voted in the November 2021 election. (skin in the game)
  2. Tally sheets and ballots can physically move only if 3 things are present:
    • People
    • Paper
    • Camera
  3. Three components to the AZ Audit layout:
    • Counting
    • Aggregation
    • Forensics.
  4. Every worker treats the process on the floor as if he were in a court of law.
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