AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers Lists Takeaways from AZ AUDIT Tour: “The Media have Served to Fragment and Erode Our Confidence”

AZ Senator Wendy Rogers went on the floor in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Thursday, May 27th,  for a tour of the historic Arizona Audit. She took notes on what she observed and shared her insight with TGP.

Here are some of her takeaways from the tour of the audit floor:

Increase in capacity now:
From 17 to 32 paper inspection tables using microscopic cameras
From 20 to 44 counting tables (yellow, green, blue)

From 4 to 12 aggregation tables

The pace is picking up daily
More audit forensics are done each day

Theoretically, mail-in ballots should all be of the same type, composition, and fiber with little to no variance. So if variances ARE seen, there should be an explanation, if there is no explanation, then that is a gap.

703 precincts were condensed down to 175 precincts. Every precinct has different ballots. Thus, if your ballot was “printed on demand”, then the paper in those situations could legitimately vary… but the paper should not vary for mail-in ballots.

We now DO have the deleted databases folder

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