Capt. Seth Keshel Review for Sen. Wendy Rogers of memorandum addressed to Sen. Karen Fann Regarding Interim Report – Maricopa County November 3, 2020 General Election By Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

The following is a letter submitted to Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers by Captain Seth Keshel, responding to the memorandum sent by Attorney General Brnovich to Senate President Karen Fann.

“After reading the admission of the Attorney General, there is no way this election can remain certified.”

The letter discusses documented vulnerabilities in the election systems, signature verification, prosecution of election crimes, chain of custody, and voter rolls.

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Senator Rogers,

I have reviewed General Brnovich’s memorandum dated April 6, 2022, and have formulated the conclusions contained within the body of this document. I have consulted with an elections expert from the grassroots organization Taking Back Texas ( to validate or expand upon my points and will note any contributions from that team in italics.

Page 1

Paragraph 2 – General Brnovich acknowledges serious vulnerabilities in the elections system that must be addressed immediately.

Taking Back Texas: Such obvious deficiencies should not have taken 17 months to unveil, and the only logical conclusion, even from the beginning of the memorandum, is that voters cannot trust Arizona’s election results.

Page 2

Paragraph 1 – Brnovich mentions that the recorder’s office spent insufficient time verifying signatures and does so using basic mathematics.

Paragraph 2 – Brnovich highlights 100,000 to 200,000 ballots lacked chain of custody, a number 10 to 20 times greater than the margin of the presidential election statewide, and 1.2 to 2.4 time larger than the statewide U.S. Senate race. This alone invalidates the county and state elections and mandates decertification.

Taking Back Texas: Broken chain of custody invalidates all affected ballots and mandates their deduction from precinct vote tallies and cumulative county report. Storage with properly counted ballots makes a proper audit impossible and should require a re-vote. Runbeck should be held accountable for mishandling election records. No assurance is made that chain of custody will cease to be a discrepancy in future elections.

Page 3

Paragraph 2 – General Brnovich promises prosecutions to come and acknowledges some that are already underway. Brnovich acknowledges that it took four months for the county to respond to his first request for documents, raising the question as to whether the county is doctoring or manufacturing needed documentation.

Conclusion of Page 3 – It appears the county is attempting to run out the federal 22-month clock for remediation of the 2020 election.

Taking Back Texas: Arizona voters should expect to see county officials prosecuted, and not just individual citizens found in violation of election law. Brnovich does not reference 2019 Election Procedures Manual in his request.

Page 4

Paragraph 1 – I agree with implementation of a state law requiring immediate production of documentation upon request of Attorney General.

Paragraph 2 – General Brnovich discusses ballot handling and signature verification, as examined by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and present before the Arizona Senate on September 24, 2021. Arizona’s inaccurate voter rolls provide the necessary room to allow for major mail fraud and the corresponding unmatchable signatures. Brnovich highlighting problems with signature match provides ample opportunity to condemn mail-in voting, which is widely known to contribute to massive fraud, especially when voter rolls are inaccurate and full of ineligible voters. I recommend you use this as an opportunity to call for restriction of mail-in ballots to overseas military and legitimately disabled voters.

Taking Back Texas: Insufficient signature verification should immediately invalidate all Mail-In Ballots which cannot be cured with a voter making an in-person appearance, in a timely fashion, to clarify their intention to vote by mail. No excuse justifies election employees rushing the signature verification process. General Brnovich also fails to distinguish mail-in voting from in-person voting at a polling location. Arizona voters will oppose mail-in voting for convenience once the weaknesses are reported.

Paragraph 3 – With all procedures for signature matching discarded, it appears that county “election officials” were working to deliberately defraud the election.

Paragraph 5 – With General Brnovich discussing the high utilization of early voting, opportunity exists to push for restriction of early voting to those with a legitimate need to vote early, provided smaller precincts and the institution of Election Day as a holiday can ensure maximum turnout of the voter roll.

Taking Back Texas: Election officials should stop using the term “early voting” to conceal the abuse of the mail-in voting system.

Page 5

Paragraph 2 – It is no mystery why rejections are trending down. Fraudulent ballots are being purposely accepted by election officials.

Paragraph 3 – Brnovich identifies Adrian Fontes by name. He should be prosecuted along with Katie Hobbs for their respective roles in corrupting the county and state election.

Paragraph 4 – Describing the tremendous number of early ballots, Brnovich touches on the impossible turnout numbers in the county, with 586,000 net new votes being cast on top of 2016 totals for both main party presidential candidates. Roughly 100,000 net new votes were cast between Trump and Clinton in 2016, with the 2012 totals as a starting point.

Page 6

Paragraph 3 – Brnovich describes population growth as the catalyst for turnout. According to the latest U.S. census, population growth in Maricopa County was lower from 2010-19 than in any decade since the 1980s:
1980-89 +612,926

1990-99 +950,048 2000-09 +744,968 2010-19 +603,451

With the Republican nominee gaining a record for net new votes from previous election (~248,000) in a county won by Republicans presidentially since 1952 without fail, it is curious as to why, with the lowest population growth (which serves as the main driver to voter registration) decade in 30 years would contribute to a sudden reversal in voting behavior of the electorate.

Taking Back Texas: Brnovich should not endorse a public referendum to address the issue of securing elections in Arizona. The duty for securing elections rests with the state legislature to establish adequate laws and due penalties.

Page 7

Paragraphs 5-6- Brnovich outlines violations of ballot transportation and handling, and outlines quantities of votes retrieved from drop boxes. True the Vote evidence from Georgia and Wisconsin documents the activities of ballot mules (harvesters). It has been estimated that 7% of Wisconsin mail-in votes were trafficked by harvesters, who pick up mail ballots from places like apartments (many have 20+ registered voters per apartment unit), nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or dorms. Harvesting is illegal in many states, but there are not many ways to enforce it.

Taking Back Texas: Brnovich appears to see that chain of custody laws should apply to early and mail-in balloting.

Page 9

Paragraph 1 – The foundation of all election fraud is in the voter rolls. Maricopa County likely has hundreds of thousands of ineligible, dead, or otherwise imaginary voters in the rolls. Phantom votes cast by imaginary voters is why the election was compromised, primarily with mail and early voting.

Taking Back Texas: Arizona activists and legislators should draft Articles of Forensic Audits in Contested Elections, citing the state and national Constitutions, as well as relevant election codes, as they relate to voting.

Page 10-12

This page makes it sound as if Brnovich is not wanting to proceed all the way to supporting the legislature voting to decertify the election. This election impacts far more than the Presidential race. There are at least 12 razor-thin races in Maricopa County that can’t be certified, including two very tight races for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Steve Chucri indicated in a recording that the tight races had county officials nervous that their elections may be disproven by the audit. After reading the admission of the Attorney General, there is no way this election can remain certified.

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