Wendy Rogers Calls Arizona the ‘True Battleground State’ Which Must Be Saved to ‘Save the Nation’

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers laid out what she believes is the roadmap for Republican success nationwide.

In a tweet today, Rogers declared, “Arizona is the true battleground state.”

“If we save Arizona we save the nation from the godless commies,” Rogers explained.

Joe Biden winning the state in 2020 was the first time that a Democrat presidential candidate had won the state since 1996.

Prior to that, the last time a Democrat had won Arizona in a presidential election was 1948, so it is clear that Republicans need it to take back the White House.

Arizona also currently has two Democratic U.S. Senators, after having two Republican U.S. Senators from 1995-2019.

U.S. Sen Mark Kelly is up for re-election this year and a February poll found that 42% of registered voters would support Kelly if the Senate election were held on the day they answered the poll, while 38% said they would support an unnamed Republican candidate. 

However, 19% of those polled said they remain unsure and the poll was taken before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the uptick in gas prices.

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