Former Pima Supervisor Ally Miller’s Response to Censure of Wendy Rogers

Good morning,

After hearing and reading reports about the censure of Senator Wendy Rogers, I took the time to listen to the video Senator Rogers sent to the AFPAC conference. I haven’t seen every post to social media and don’t agree with some, but have been unable to find evidence to support your actions.

First, Rogers said that traitors need to be “tried and convicted” prior to being hung. Isn’t that the way our criminal justice system works? I heard no encouragement of violence against anyone, yet you stated that in the censure. I heard Senator Rogers’ words that strongly encouraged the process defined by our criminal justice system.

As far as the political destruction of those who disagree with her views, please name one politician who hasn’t utilized tactics to “destroy” their enemies. Toughen up Republicans! If you are so offended by these words, you need to find another line of work.

There was NOTHING in your censure regarding anti-semitism, yet some of you, including Senator Kelly Townsend are posting as if Senator Rogers supported or made anti-semitic comments. Holding Rogers accountable for Fuentes’ comments during his lifetime is a leftist tactic to drive a narrative for the cancel culture.

Senator Rogers was specific about supporting Nick Fuentes’ right to free speech due to his being de-platformed and censored. Her message demonstrated her strong support of the first amendment. Free speech means hearing things we don’t agree with, things that make us cringe and that is a precious right for all of us. I thought all Republicans were fighting for free speech. Men and women have shed their blood and died for the right to speak freely and even to burn the American flag!

It is now clear that members who voted for the censure of Senator Rogers support censorship when you don’t agree with a particular viewpoint. This should frighten every Arizonan!

As far as the reputation of the AZ Senate, I believe you have done more damage to the reputation of the AZ Senate by taking this action and colluding with Democrats to drive a narrative to cancel Senator Rogers. You attempted to destroy a fellow republican for exercising her right to free speech, but have now revealed that you have the same mind set as the Democrat cancel culture. Virtue signaling at the expense of a fellow Republican is pathetic and embarrassing.

Yesterday was a sad day for Arizona, the Republican Party and especially for the AZ Senate.


Ally Miller
Pima County Supervisor (retired)

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