Letter: Wendy Rogers is an American that Loves Her Country

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers is a “Watchperson on the wall.” She is not a politician. She is not polished. She is passionate. She is an American that loves her country. During her last election I helped her reach a portion of the 17K houses she visited.

Wendy Rogers is a driven individual. She was raised in a military family. During her upbringing this country had one major enemy, communism. Rogers joined the military to fight our country’s enemies, foreign and domestic. During her tenure as an Air Force officer and pilot she was trained to recognize the kinetic threat and the doctrinal threat communists had to her airplane operations as well as her deployments to forward operating bases. She knows what a communist is. Most Americans don’t.

Imagine being an AZ Senator that has observed overwhelming evidence that wide scale fraud had occurred during the last election. Imagine the frustration she must be feeling when nothing is being done with that evidence to seek justice for what occurred. As a first term AZ Senator she has authored/co-authored over 90 Bills. Many of these Bills attempt to plug “loop holes” in current election law. Is there any mention of her efforts in this paper or other media? How do tyrants gain power? How has Putin maintained power? How does Maduro maintain power? What happens in these countries when a “Watchperson” exposes fraud? Some just disappear. What happens in this country when a “Watchperson” exposes election fraud?  Some get marginalized, maligned, canceled, misquoted, mislabeled as phobic, and persecuted among other things. That’s what I believe is happening to Senator Rogers.

Before you go to the polls this election, look where Senator Rogers came from. Look at what she has done. Look at what she is doing.  And, oh by the way, ask her to tell you her side of the story, in person, before you believe a press/media establishment that has never said much good about her.

This country is more divided now than since the Civil War. Honest, fair and verifiable elections may be the first step in the unification process. That’s what Senator Rogers is trying to show us. It is her side of the truth. It is her Constitutional right to have and profess that truth. May God bless her, her family and her work.

Del Lewis, Snowflake AZ              

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