How to Respond to the Scottsdale School Survey

I have checked with my staff about the Orwellian Scottsdale Survey. Thankfully, the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that was signed into law back in 2016 which forced schools to ask parents for permission before completing surveys like this. There is a $500 fine against the violator for each occurrence. The Orwellian Scottsdale Survey is optional.

To opt-out, I suggest parents send a letter (“Read Receipt” requested) to the school and teacher in writing that you want to opt-out of ALL surveys like this, to include this “2021-2022 Parental/Legal Guardian Consent to Participation in Social Emotional Behavior Screening.” That way, if the school district ever forces your child to fill out a survey without your consent, then you will have two examples of evidence for the lawsuit:

  1. A letter with the “Read Receipt” you sent; and
  2. They would NOT have the signed form back from you, where they would’ve had your permission.

Furthermore, to help promote this awareness campaign, I ask all parents to shred their form and post the video of them doing their shredding on social media and then tag me. I will retweet the best ones! #ShredIt

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